Expressing and Dressing: The Significance of Ball Culture and Fashion

There’s a space where our skin and home feel synonymous. For some, it’s a walk through the park alone. For others, it’s a dingy concert hall cramped up against a stranger screaming the lyrics to the sky. But if you ever find yourself in the heart of Harlem, you might see the everlasting glow of the ballroom vogue scene. 

Athletes Off-Duty with Emerson Men’s Basketball

Written and Photographed by Chloe Leung Whether we know it or not, sports and fashion have relatively always had a big influence on each other. Not only has the fashion industry taken inspiration from what athletes wear, thus creating athleisure and sportswear, but athletes early on have always incorporated fashion into their own individual lives…

Craig Alan on Newbury

Nestled between the luxury stores of Newbury Street, sits a tiny contemporary art gallery no bigger than the elevator bay of my dorm building. Directed by Liz Novick, Newbury Fine Arts is a beautiful gem hidden amongst the high-end and commercialized stores of Boston’s historic shopping street.

Fruits in Decay at Harvard

People usually try to preserve fruits in a ripe, fresh state; this way the fruit will last longer and can be enjoyed later on. Rudolph Blaschka thought differently and decided to preserve fruit in its states of decay; this obviously doesn’t keep the fruit for eating, but it does make an interesting exhibit.