Five Cost-Effective Hacks to Elevate Your Style

I am certainly no Anna Wintour or Kim Kardashian. I’d rather spend my money on books and collectible Marvel superhero figures rather than expensive clothes and makeup.

Seriously. I even have a life-sized Baby Groot. It’s not as scary as it sounds, trust me.

But this isn’t a post about my unhealthy obsession with Marvel: It’s about how to take whatever money you have left over after you buy the necessities in life, and spend that money in thrifty ways to make it look like you actually didn’t choose between buying that new pair of shoes over a near-expired jar of peanut butter.

It’s no secret that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look like straight fire, but I do know the struggle of wasting money on cheap products that don’t end up working out. You keep buying $2 eyeliners hoping they’ll work out, but you still end up looking like Rocket Raccoon at the end of the day.

That’s right, two Marvel references in a row. Anyhow…

In my 19 years, I’ve gone through a whole lot of trial and error to figure out what’s the most cost-effective way to look like you spent a million bucks, without wasting a million bucks in the process. Here are my top five hacks for elevating your style in a budget-friendly way:

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Room Decor Transformation

You type in “room decor” into your search engine and once you’ve scrolled down it directs you through pages of Pinterest ideas and YouTube videos. It’s always the cute and trendy images and videos that pop up, with the aesthetically pleasing frames for your posters that cost hundreds of dollars or the Polaroid photos that require a polaroid camera. When it comes to decorating for a room, you want to be able to incorporate these trends and styles – but the price of it is just too much – especially for a college student. Well, there are some creative and cheap ways to make your room look like it was straight out of a Pinterest post, so read on.

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Sleeping Beauty: How to Cut Your Morning Routine in Half

8 a.m.s…you never want to wake up for them and you always want to wear your pajamas to class. But sometimes you have those days where you actually do need to look presentable. Maybe you have a presentation or a meeting, or just one of those days you can’t wear leggings. Here are a few tips to cut your morning routine in half.


Pick your outfit out the night before (and actually try it on)– You would be amazed at how much time you can save by simply picking out your outfit the night before. After you think you have the right outfit, try it on. You may wake up in the morning and try your outfit and absolutely hate it. So save yourself some time and stress and make sure you actually like your outfit the night before.

Tips to picking out your outfit:

Here are a few tips to ease the lengthy process of deciding what to wear.

  • If you have the option to wear a dress, wear a dress- I know that may sound silly but dresses are the most simple outfit you can wear and take the least amount of effort to pick out. On days I do not feel like going through all the effort of picking out an elaborate outfit, I choose to wear a simple t-shirt dress and throw on a jean jacket. What I love about t-shirt dresses is that you can dress them up or down by how you style it. For example, for a more casual day pair your dress with a jean jacket and your favorite pair of sneakers. If you want to dress up more that day, wear a leather jacket and booties with your dress and maybe add some simple jewelry to top off the look.
  • Wear something with layers- Throughout your busy day you never know if you will be in a classroom the temperature of Antarctica or outside in the Boston Common. Instead of wearing a long sleeve shirt, maybe wear a short sleeve and a jacket. My personal favorite look is a graphic tee with a distressed jean jacket and skinny jeans. This outfit is versatile and looks stylish with or without a jacket.
  • Avoid prints, stick with solid colors- Solid colors are safer and you are least likely to change your mind in the morning. Some of my favorite go to solid colors are black, maroon and army green. These colors are all easily paired with a simple pair of skinny jeans. When in doubt, there is no shame in wearing black on black. Wear your favorite black top and black jeans. Wearing black on black is one of my favorite go-to outfits.

Skip the hot hair tools- If you skip using your curling iron or straightener, you can save more time and get more sleep. Some hairstyles you may want to try are: Ponytail, Top Knot bun, low bun, and side braid. My personal favorite is a top knot hairstyle. It is a simple, chic hairstyle that takes minimal effort. Of course, not everyone needs to use hot hair tools so if you have the option to wear your hair natural then I would highly recommend doing that.

Keep your makeup routine light- No one has time to do a full-glam makeup look in the morning (if you do, props to you that is seriously impressive). To keep your makeup routine as simple as possible, put on only what you need. For the mornings of my 8ams, I only put on moisturizer with sunscreen, foundation, mascara, blush, and sometimes and little concealer over blemishes. This routine takes at most 8 minutes.

With these few quick tips, I hope you can cut your morning routine in half and look like a “sleeping beauty” for your 8 ams. You would be amazed at how a few quick adjustments to your routine can save time in the morning. Now you can be stylish and fully rested to take on your busy day!


Kylie Cosmetics: Hit or Miss?

90 million Instagram followers.

20 million Twitter followings.

#1 viewed account on Snapchat.

A total net-worth of $18 billion in 2016.

Welcome to the world of the youngest Kardashian-Jenner: Kylie Jenner.

And in case you were unsure of who Kylie is, she is the daughter of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner. She has gained fame through her family’s reality television show called Keeping Up With the Kardashians and since then has built herself a enormous social media following. However, Kylie is known for her famous, lip-filler pout and famously perfecting how to line her lips as shown through her Instagram posts:

via Instagram @kyliejenner
via Instagram @kyliejenner

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Navigating Professional Dress

I spent 3 weeks in professional clothing.

via Tumblr

3 sad, long weeks without leggings, sweatshirts, t-shirts, sneakers, moccasins – basically all of my most loved pieces in my wardrobe.

And the reason why I spent 3 weeks in professional clothing was primarily due to the fact that I was pledging Emerson College’s only local, professional sorority, Kappa Gamma Chi! Now that those 3 weeks are over and I crossed into Kappa, I learned a lot about professionalism and what it means to dress professionally; especially figuring out how to balance professionalism with comfort.

For the most part, I had two constant questions running through my mind when I was pledging: Is professional dress limited to a select handful of clothing options? Are we all going to be stuck wearing dress pants, blouses, and heels for the rest of our lives?

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Is Glossier Leading the Newest Revolution in Beauty?

Emily Weiss
Ms. Emily Weiss – C.E.O. & Founder

Ever wonder what it would be like to turn your blog into an up-and-coming, award winning skincare and makeup line? Well, Emily Weiss, the C.E.O. and Founder of Glossier, might just have all of the answers for us. Before starting her blog Into The Gloss, she was a favored fashion assistant at W and Vogue making her all of the connections that would create a cult blog following once she left the magazines.

And her blog grew to its height of popularity through her column titled “The Top Shelf” where Weiss interviewed famous editors, models, muses, industry professionals, even rising celebrities about their skincare regimens. Funnily enough, Weiss had a brief stint on The Hills as the uptight, mean intern making her role on the reality television show memorable.

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Celebrity Clothing Lines

credit: Tumblr
credit: Tumblr

I love clothes.

Yeah, I know that is a generic way of starting but I can honestly say a good article of clothing warms my heart. Although I am not a ~fashionista~ or anything of the sort, I know a good piece of clothing when I see it and I get so so excited whenever a celebrity releases their own range of clothing whether it be all types of clothes or just one form – it is all exciting to me.

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The Procrastinator’s Guide to Halloween Costumes

  I’ve always prided myself on my organizational skills- my elementary school agenda book had all four of my homework assignments conscientiously highlighted upon completion and since than not much has changed, but being prepared when it comes to holidays? Forget it! St. Patrick’s day arrives and I leave the house without sporting a spot of green, and Halloween comes up and takes me by surprise every single year. The stress of deciding what to dress up as (crossing your fingers you don’t have to coordinate and get stuck with everybody’s least favorite character) and actually getting the costume without doling out some major dough is more than my fragile fall feelings can take. For those of you, like me, who will inevitably wake up on October 31st (it’s a monday this year, mark your calendars now) scrambling to put together something that works here are ten fast, fresh costume ideas that you likely already have in your closets at home.

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How To Make Yourself Seem Put Together

From WiffleGif via Office Depot One Direction Commerical
From WiffleGif via Office Depot One Direction Commercial

In the short list of the talents I have, I am proud to admit that I have mastered the art of looking put together and projecting a calm, confident persona.

However, this image is far from how my life truly is.

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The History of Curly Hair

Nowadays, luscious locks that spring from your scalp are sought after. But they weren’t always and even now, they’re not always appreciated.

Let’s take a step back in time for a moment, to the 1500s. Just eight years earlier, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue and Henry VII was ruling over England and Wales with his wife Elizabeth of York, bringing peace to the two warring houses for nearly 15 years. Things were peaceful in Europe and people’s global curiosity was growing.

About hair however, people were less than curious. If you were wealthy, the curls might add some glamour to your extravagant styles and to hang over your rich crowns and clips. If you were a commoner, let alone a schoolgirl, your curls were pulled into a tight bun atop your head. It was believed that hair curled due to sins or evil within one. People were wary of those with curls, who knew what they were up to.

Skip to the 1600s, hair styles grew ever more extravagant and artificial. It could definitely be referred to as the Century of Wigs, with locks heavily powdered grey and clipped in circular pillars that surprisingly never sent them soaring in flight. Curly hair was still, more or less, not perceived in a positive or stylish light, but was passed and allowed as the Renaissance deepened into the Middle Ages.

As we wander through the 1700s, we follow the traditions set by our predecessor with wigs and powder now lasting two centuries through wars and revolutions. Our perception of hair stayed basically the same, to serve as a societal mark for class and prestige. For two centuries our locks of all shapes and colors were ignored as battles flared and governments rose.

In the 1800s, hairstyles could be described in one word, “up”. Braided and clipped up, loosely clipped up to one side, a ponytail with clips, clips here and there and bands everywhere. Hair was sashaying with the pioneers as they rocked back-and-forth traversing West in their hunt for gold. No one had time to spend on his or her hair, constructing houses and monitoring the harvest didn’t leave enough time in the day, let alone while caring for a family. So hair was over-looked and decidedly bland for everyone, the one tone of up hid any curious colors or shapes to be spotted or appreciated.

In the curve of the century time passed in decades, varying eras of styles and fashions. I’m sure plenty of you have seen videos of make-up styles, hair styles, wedding styles, this style, that style, of 100 years in a couple of minutes. If you have seen them, you’ll be thinking you saw curly hair there. And I agree with you, you saw curls, that’s correct, but you did not see curly hair. The bouncy locks you saw in those videos were not natural curls, the model’s hair was probably straightened and then curled to create those uniform loops or light wiggles.

It might surprise you to know, that up until very recently, society knew very little about curly hair. I myself grew up in a town completely confused by my spirals while once I stepped outside of it, people asked me constantly about my curls.

In 1984, a young woman who had created a name for herself in the hair industry opened her first salon in the heart of Manhattan. Ouidad, the name of the salon and of the woman. She began creating products specifically formulated to treat curly hair and have it growing strong and healthy. She had to create techniques on methods to properly cut the curls as to not damage the style or hang of them. She basically had to create the foundation for curls in society.

Even now, Ouidad is still creating and learning more and more about curly hair, what it needs and what works for it. She’s already deciphered four different types of curls and created countless products to treat all different types of problems, curls, and styles. Ouidad’s flagship salon is still open and highly functioning in New York City on 57th Street, another one in Santa Monica, California, and Fort Lauderdale Florida. Sadly, that’s not enough salons to help every curly haired girl and boy in the world, let alone the United States. And to speak frankly, not many can afford the services or products that Ouidad has to offer. Luckily, society is taking a strong learning curve to curly hair.

In January of 2015, Dove launched a “Love Your Curls” campaign to teach young girls to love their hair. Hair has curled for centuries and it has taken us until the 21st century to teach people to appreciate them. So many girls have already been lost to the heat of a straightening iron, to the comments of classmates, to the lack of information circulated to parents. Curls are incredible and beautiful and we should appreciate them.

I was the curly haired spawn of a thinning haired father and stick-straight hair mother. Although they tried as they did, they definitely were not educated in how to treat or handle my hair. Right out of the gate, I hated my curls. When I was around five or six-years-old, my parent’s took my brother and I to the family barber for a hair cut. And to this day, 15 years later, I can still remember the pain I felt as the barber pulled this dry comb through my hair. Before he could finish, I was sobbing on the floor grasping the right side of my head, I could feel my heartbeat and heat radiating into my palm.

After that, for years I couldn’t deal with going to another barber. For days after I couldn’t handle having a comb run through my hair, so it just knotted and sat atop my head. Which just fueled the fire of my, who I consider now-a-days naïve classmates, which just fueled my hatred for being born with these horrible curls. When I was finally ready to deal with my hair again, my mother took me to get a Brazilian relaxer. I was still young at this point, somewhere in Middle School and trusted my mother’s research and connections that this would be good for my hair. Wrong. A Brazilian relaxer is a strong chemical that basically chemically heats the hair into being straight because killed everything else within the lock. All nutrients, vibrancy, even texture is completely lost because your hair has basically been killed from the inside out. I guess it was better than the knot, but not by much.

I was lucky enough to have a friend with a curly haired mother who saw what happened to my hair and advised my mother to take me to Ouidad, they then spent years healing my hair as the dead ends grew out and they nurtured the incoming roots. My mother still wasn’t the best at advising with curly hair, when she was calling the shots, she kept having my hair relaxed in a healthier method. When I was able to take control of my own hair, I stopped that trend completely.

Because of my past I struggle everyday with being proud or courageous in my curls, but I love them all the same. I know I wouldn’t look good in straight hair and I really hate it when people ask me to try it. It’s not because I’ve come far with my confidence in my curls that I hate that question, it’s because it’s the constant reminder that people and society still don’t know much about curly hair. For many curls, straightening their hair even once can damage it for months up to years as the burned follicles grow out. Yet I should know how wonderful dry shampoo is for straight hair people and that they should always carry that or leave-in conditioner after the beach and pool.

Benny Harlem is trying to change that. A native Californinan artist has been documenting his and his daughter’s hair on Instagram to show the world what untreated or undamaged hair looks like. Using his photos, he’s trying to change the perception of natural hair and really highlight its beauty and wonder. Showing the potential for the hair and the demand to welcome natural hair and all hairs into stylish society.

Benny Harlem is making a statement, now it’s time to offer education for parents and friends and family. If I need to hear all about your dandruff shampoo and beach wave sprays, isn’t it only fair if you hear about our defusers and deep treatments?