Atlas Poetry – Can’t Buy Me Love

Photos by Katherine Foultz Written by Darius Atefat-Peckham Colton Underwood On Reality Television  I’ve heard some of you have been talking. Like I’m some  giant golden retriever, but let’s hope there’s more to it than just  the virginity thing. I’ve seen more than you could imagine:  seen the Portuguese country-side on a miles long run…

Athletes Off-Duty with Emerson Men’s Basketball

Written and Photographed by Chloe Leung Whether we know it or not, sports and fashion have relatively always had a big influence on each other. Not only has the fashion industry taken inspiration from what athletes wear, thus creating athleisure and sportswear, but athletes early on have always incorporated fashion into their own individual lives…

Student Submitted Poetry of the Week: Kelsey Marlett

hypnotism: to chamonix i. bleach blue and dripping, this town does not speak but stands, hypnotic. a dust-winged bus and a ten minute walk have i been here before? what elevation gets into your blood like this, water breaking bubbles, frost in the soil a language where we don’t pronounce half the letters.  ii. on…


Pretty Spooky Stuff Photo: Elaine TantraModel: Diti Kohli & Nadia Hibri

LGBTQ: Power in Out

Photographer: Stella Drews-Sheldon Model: Bella Cartularo Makeup: Lily Noyd


A posed photograph is poised. It conveys what the subject desires, provides an image that validates her. A candid photograph has a different energy. It conveys how the photographer sees, and it is much more about action than image. Equally valuable, equally expressive, the viewer can receive two images of one person.

Movie Posters: Take 2

I love posters and covers and anything visually to draw an audience in. I decided to make a twist to some popular movies over the past 60 years and design them in my own style, minimalistic.