The Doja Cat Phenomenon

There is perhaps no figure who has become more viral over the past 18 months than Doja Cat.

Cultural Fashion

Our Atlas Style Team’s Serge, teamed up with Emerson freshman Nneamak Odom, to put together a fusion of African and contemporary American fashion during this Black History Month. Photographs by Thaler Bishop

Atlas Poetry – Can’t Buy Me Love

Photos by Katherine Foultz Written by Darius Atefat-Peckham Colton Underwood On Reality Television  I’ve heard some of you have been talking. Like I’m some  giant golden retriever, but let’s hope there’s more to it than just  the virginity thing. I’ve seen more than you could imagine:  seen the Portuguese country-side on a miles long run…

Expressing Myself Against Hate

On January 22, I received an email that there had been an act of vandalism in the stairwells of Piano Row. I had received the first email from President Lee Pelton addressing the issue. I was shocked that these acts were anti-Semitic — I had never encountered an incident of that nature that occurred so close to me. It was very upsetting to read that these events happened on our campus: a place I, and many others, considered a safe space. 

Mouthful of Orange

by Athena Nassar mouthful of orange the matrix is my bony hand poking through the hole in the wire fenceto pluck honeysuckle from its roots. stripped of its flesh, my skeletal silhouette curls its fingers around a dying stem. its orange petalsleak a sweet juice— creamsicle tears to coat my lips. a slave to my…

Athletes Off-Duty with Emerson Men’s Basketball

Written and Photographed by Chloe Leung Whether we know it or not, sports and fashion have relatively always had a big influence on each other. Not only has the fashion industry taken inspiration from what athletes wear, thus creating athleisure and sportswear, but athletes early on have always incorporated fashion into their own individual lives…