Kylie Cosmetics: Hit or Miss?

90 million Instagram followers.

20 million Twitter followings.

#1 viewed account on Snapchat.

A total net-worth of $18 billion in 2016.

Welcome to the world of the youngest Kardashian-Jenner: Kylie Jenner.

And in case you were unsure of who Kylie is, she is the daughter of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner. She has gained fame through her family’s reality television show called Keeping Up With the Kardashians and since then has built herself a enormous social media following. However, Kylie is known for her famous, lip-filler pout and famously perfecting how to line her lips as shown through her Instagram posts:

via Instagram @kyliejenner
via Instagram @kyliejenner

Unlike her sisters, Kylie created her own makeup line, named Kylie Cosmetics, at 18 years old. She took ahold of the online following, especially over her famous pout, and created a multi-million dollar cosmetic business. Or as Vanity Fair puts it, Kylie Jenner Built a Business Empire out of Lip Kits and Fan Worship. And the most incredible thing about her line is the fact that she has not only named each product with some connection to her name but that almost every launch she has released had sold out within the first five minutes.

In terms of the products, Kylie focuses mostly on her ‘Kylie Lip-Kits’ which include a tube of matte liquid lipstick and a lip-liner. Some of the more famous and popular shades come from her first couple of launches such as Koko K which is one of her pink shades, Kourt K which is a deep, purple burgundy that is currently and almost always sold-out on the Kylie Cosmetics website, but one of the newer shades coined 22, a tangerine red hue, has picked up a lot of popularity as well.

via Kylie Cosmetics
via Kylie Cosmetics
via Kylie Cosmetics

Personally, I love the makeup line but before I dive into that, here’s a little bit about how her line is very ~scandalous~ throughout all forms of media.

In spite of the line’s success, the cosmetic company has been riddled with controversies from their very first launch. One of the first scandals surrounded the artwork Kylie Cosmetics uses on all of their packages, which is the infamous dripped lips, ended up being inspired by an Instagram makeup artist named Vlada Haggerty. And the main problem with this particular controversy is that the cosmetic line needs to do more than credit the artist, they actually ended up stealing one of the looks she had created seven months beforehand.

Shortly after that, there were a lot of problems with shipping and packaging throughout most of 2016. As every launch of Kylie Cosmetics sells out within minutes, costumers fight hard to get the Lip-Kits and other products like the eye-shadow palettes and eyeliners but after spending the necessary amount of money, many were receiving empty packages. And the company ended up blaming the empty packages on thieves who were swiping the Lip-Kits and other products out of the boxes.

Here are just a couple of tweets from the fiasco:

via Twitter
via Twitter

Recently, Kylie launched her new highlighters, dubbed Kylighters, and much like the empty packages, people were receiving highlighters without any product inside of them.

Here are another series of tweets regarding this problem:

via Twitter
via Twitter

With that in mind, the cosmetic line has dealt with issues surrounding quality control in the past. Right before the release of her Kylighters, the brand had faced controversy over the fact that some of the new lip-kits were really just old lip colors repackaged with a new name. Along the same lines, the actual quality of the formula has been a constant topic of discussion throughout the last year her line has been out. There have been times where the color payoff was not at all what Jenner had marketed, where the liquid lip formula stuck to the insides of the glass tube, where her lip gloss formula was not up to par, and even the possibility that she had stolen a formula from a different company.

Regardless of these scandals, I am a lover of Kylie Cosmetics. I think it is incredible that she was able to build a business empire just through the power of makeup. In my opinion, makeup is a form of self-expression and when you have the chance to get your hands on a product made by someone who is basically a legend in the matte liquid lip world, you will do whatever you can to make sure that happens. I feel no shame in buying these products – I have luckily never had a problem with packaging, product quality, or shipment. Plus, this is the start of the second year for the company which means mistakes happen and things will always get better!

And with Kylie on our side, we can all be matte liquid lip queens.

via Giphy


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