When I was younger, drinking tea for me was almost like a right of passage. I would be out to dinner with my family for a special occasion, and when it was time for dessert all the adults would order fancy after-dinner drinks that I knew I couldn’t have even if I didn’t quite know why. My dad would always order me a hot tea to include me in these special drinks that were served with our desserts. I would watch in awe as he emptied packets of sugar and streams of milk into the dark drink, pushing it over to me when he was finished. I don’t know what it was about hot tea when I was little, but it was a drink that enchanted me.

I went through a long period of time where I abandoned my relationship with tea for coffee, declaring it much more helpful to me than tea. However, I’ve come to realize that while I only use coffee for caffeine boosts, tea can be used for much more than that. Here are some ways I have discovered, through both the internet and my own experience, that tea is helpful.


Teas to Wake You Up

Matcha tea is the tea I’ve used most often to wake me up. It’s also super simple because you can drink it plain or with sugar or honey, so not much work is required to make it taste good. While I still tend to drink a lot of coffee, sometimes I prefer to drink matcha because it still has caffeine in it. Sometimes coffee makes me nauseous and makes me crash soon after drinking it, but I find that this is normally not the case with matcha. Matcha also has other health benefits such as boosting your immune system and providing relief from stress, so if you don’t like coffee but still want caffeine, matcha might be a good alternative.

Any other caffeinated tea is good for waking you up, so it just depends on your preference of tea. Sometimes I drink regular black tea if I want tea that I can put milk and sugar in. Plus, black tea brings me back to the days of drinking tea at dessert with my family.

Teas to Help You Sleep

Sometimes, even after a long day, it’s hard to unwind and get into the state you need to go to bed. Chamomile is a really good tea to help you sleep, because it soothes the nervous system to relax your body.

There are also a lot of tea brands that make sleepy time tea,, so if you’re partial to a brand they probably make one. Celestial Seasonings is a brand that often comes up when I type sleepy time tea into Google, and they also make many other varieties of tea. I’ve never tried any sleepy time teas before, because I normally don’t use tea to help me fall asleep, but I have had friends use sleepy time teas (though the brand names escape me) and I think they work. If you don’t want to drink chamomile, or you’re just curious as to how teas like this work, the may be a good type to try.

lavenderinfoTeas to De-Stressginsengteainfographic

We live in a stressful world, so figuring out ways to de-stress is always good, especially for college students. Sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up somewhere with a hot cup of tea, and if it helps to relieve some of your stress, it’s even better. Lavender is a good tea to relieve stress, especially if you are experiencing a tension headache. I’ve also often seen lavender used in things like lotions that help to relieve stress, so that shows that it works in a variety of ways and forms.

I have also never had ginseng tea, but much like lavender, it aids stress relief. It helps clear out mental stress and exhaustion almost immediately. Additionally, it’s also good for sleeping as well, so if you find yourself super stressed and unable to go to sleep, ginseng might be a good option.

Teas for Nauseagingerrootoil1

There’s nothing worse than feeling sick, especially with something like nausea where it’s sometimes impossible to find remedies for it. Ginger tea is really good for nausea, especially nausea connected with pregnancy, motion sickness, and chemotherapy. It can also help with digestion and even with menstrual cramps. If you like tea, or at least like to stock up on teas that have multiple uses, ginger tea is a good one to have.

There are a lot of different teas and even more ways that they are helpful. Some teas, while not included on this list have multiple uses and some are even just enjoyable to drink for fun. This website, where a lot of the pictures were taken from, is helpful to find out the various uses of teas. Whether you are an avid tea drinker or you just keep it around for one of these uses, it certainly has a lot of functionali-tea.

For quick reference, this is a great infograph to use that shows you which teas you can drink in a wide variety of situations.


(Photos were taken from these sources: and

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