Free Things You Can Do in Colleges Around Boston

Boston is America’s #1 College Town. It’s a phrase that has sold many a student to coming to the city in their pursuit of higher education. Besides the contribution of new undergraduates, many of these schools give the public a chance to share in the knowledge that goes on behind closed doors. You can take advantage of that by going to any of these events that are free and open to the public.

Stargaze at the Boston University Observatory


Wednesday is the worst day of the week, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Every Wednesday night, Boston University opens it’s Coit Observatory to the general public to see the night sky through telescopes, as well as learn more about astronomy. Harvard also has a free Observatory night, but only on a monthly basis.

Go to a Harvard lecture 


Getting into Harvard as a student is one thing, but going to a lecture is surprisingly easy. Harvard University hosts a range of lectures open to the public from many of it’s schools. The entirety of lectures available can be seen on the university’s event website.

Enjoy a concert in the park from Berklee student musicians 


The Summer in the City events by Berklee College of Music combines two great things: the outdoors and free music. The series involves Berklee students performing at parks all over Boston for free, playing pop, rock, jazz, Latin and other kinds of music. Who knows? It might be a chance to see the next John Mayer of Esperanza Spalding before they hit it big.

Take a class with former Governor Michael Dukakis at Northeastern University


I know, I know, the last thing any college student wants is another class added to their courseload. But whatever happened to learning for the sake of learning? The Myra Craft Open Classroom at Northeastern University lets members of the public learn about a specific subject from experts on the topic and participate in a panel discussion after class lectures. The Open Classroom is hosted by Professor Barry Bluestone and former Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis. The fall 2015 course is focused on studying the transformational decade of the 1960’s. Attendees can go to as many or as little classes as they like, as long as they register beforehand online.

See a free movie at Emerson College


Taking place at our very own Emerson College, the Bright Light Series showcases free films in the Bright Family Screening Room. From blockbusters such as Mad Max: Fury Road to documentaries such as She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, the variety of genres offered ensures everyone can find a movie they like. Screenings are followed by a discussion, usually with someone involved with the movie or a faculty member.

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