Beginning of the End: Awards Season Edition

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It’s no secret to anyone Ilive with that Awards Season (Capitalized) is my Christmas—sorry, roommates and family. It’s my personal happy time: I microwave some popcorn, commandeer the TV, and critique dresses and tuxedoes to my heart’s content. Of course, I also watch the awards, so it’s decidedly unfortunate that the 2013 Awards Season is coming to an end. They conclude, of course, with the Oscars—broadcasting on ABC on February 24th. In the meantime, satiate your awards appetite with this guide to the rest of February’s awards-related excitement.

Director’s Guild Awards: Saturday, February 2nd
This past Saturday (February 2nd), Hollywood saw Ben Affleck and Argo beat out competitors Katherine Bigelow, Tom Hooper, Ang Lee, and Steven Spielberg to take home the top prize at the Director’s Guild Awards (DGA) Awards. Passed over by the Academy for a prestigious Oscar nom, the five-time director has been taking the 2013 awards season by storm, snagging key wins with the Producers and Screen Actors Guilds. Other winners included Jay Roach for HBO mini-series Game Change, Rian Johnson’s episode of Breaking Bad titled “Fifty One,” and Lena Dunham, creator, writer, and star of Girls.

Academy Awards, voting closes: Friday, February 8th

Ladies and gentlemen, start your speculating: final voting for the 2013 Academy Awards begins today. From February 8th to the 19th, members of the Academy will vote on categories that include Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Animated Film. Want to play along? Visit to for your printable ballot.

The 55th Grammy Awards: Sunday, February 10th at 8 p.m. on CBS

While 2012’s Grammy Awards were chock full of controversy surrounding Chris Brown’s return to the stage, don’t expect the 2013 festivities to be any less exciting–any ceremony that issues a Wardrobe Advisory to its performers, presenters, and attendee’s is bound to be a good one. Including a tribute to the late Levon Helm, music industry giant and drummer for band The Band, performers will include Zac Brown, Elton John, and Mumford and Sons. This year, The Black Keys, Kelly Clarkson, fun., Gotye, Frank Ocean, and Taylor Swift compete for Record of the Year; The Black Keys, Fun., and Frank Ocean meet Mumford and Sons and Jack White in the Album of the Year category. Confused? This blogger has finally demystified the difference between these two categories: Record of the Year nominates a single or one song from an album; Album of the Year celebrates one entire album. Go forth and feel superior, my friends.

British Academy of Film and Television Awards: Sunday, February 10th at 8 p.m. on BBC

If you’re not enthused by the Grammy’s, tune in to the BBC for Sunday’s British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards. Recognizing films in more untraditional categories such as Outstanding Debut By A British Writer, Director, or Producer in 2013 and the EE Rising Star Award, honoring a young actor or actress who demonstrates considerable talent and ambition in their field.

Film Independent Spirit Awards: Saturday, February 23rd at 10 p.m. on IFC

What are the Independent Spirit Awards, anyway? Founded in 1984, the awards celebrate “artist-driven filmmaking” and “recognizes the finest achievements of today’s independent filmmakers.” With a self proclaimed Not-So-Red Carpet, the Independent Spirit Awards could be considered the hipster Oscars, with self-submitted films creating the bulk of the nominations. Co-chaired by Salma Hayek and Jeremy Renner (swoon) and hosted by Andy Samberg, this year’s ceremonies will continue the indie spirit and pass out a number of familiar sounding awards (Best Feature, anyone?) as well as three grants between $25,000 and $50,000 to aspiring filmmaker nominees.

The 85th Academy Awards: Sunday, February 24th at 7 p.m. on ABC

Come for the dresses, but stay for the technical awards. This year’s ceremony, hosted by Family Guy mastermind Seth MacFarlane, starts at 7:00PM eastern standard time. Of course, the red carpet coverage on both ABC and E! is always worth watching, so why not make it an afternoon? Prep some Oscar worthy snacks, practice your acceptance speech, and visit ABC’s online Oscar headquarters for all of your Oscar related needs.

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