Matt Damon Hijacks ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Matt Damon hijacks Jimmy Kimmel and takes over his late night show last Thursday, January 24th. Image via WENN.
Matt Damon hijacks Jimmy Kimmel and takes over his late night show last Thursday, January 24th. Image via WENN.

Over the past few years, Jimmy Kimmel has concluded his talk show by apologizing to Matt Damon, not having enough time in his show to have him for an interview — apparently ever. Kimmel, who is familiar with pranking Boston actors — his ongoing prank war with John Krasinski in particular — was kidnapped by Damon on live television before his show last Thursday. Damon avenged Kimmel’s trash talk by hijacking Jimmy Kimmel Live! and turned the late night show into a special titled Jimmy Kimmel Sucks! Damon deserves some credit for a handful of laughs, but this special only reminded us that we should leave the celebrity hosts for Saturday Night Live

The majority of the show served as a Jimmy Kimmel roast; “How you doing over there, Jimmy? I’m just kidding, I don’t care,” Damon had said as Jimmy remained taped up to a desk chair. One of the highlights of Damon’s night included appearances from Good Will Hunting costars Ben Affleck and Robin Williams. This was the only brief moment of Kimmel-praise when the camera cuts to Affleck holding a cue card that read, “I still love you, Jimmy.” John Krasinski’s wife and actress, Emily Blunt, made an appearance, as well as turn-ups from Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Robert DiNiro, and Oprah. Sarah Silverman also made her first appearance on the show since her highly publicized break-up with Kimmel five years ago. Let’s not forget that in that particular 2008 episode, Silverman wrote a spoof song for her then-boyfriend titled “I’m F*@#ing Matt Damon” and even featured a video with said host.

The episode was undoubtedly a ploy to boost ratings, possibly trying to compete with the growing popularity that comes with the interactiveness and spontaneity of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Even so, it was genius on Kimmel’s party to accompany Damon with Affleck, who is receiving a lot of press this awards season for his work with Argo. Overall, the program was ludicrous and entertaining, but serves enough proof that somebody else can host Kimmel’s own talk show better than he can.

You can watch the full episode of Jimmy Kimmel Sucks! here on

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