The Girl has Lichtenstyle: an Interview with Emerson’s Local Fashionista

Isabelle Lichtenstein, a sophomore here at Emerson, has always loved clothes. She has been the proud owner of Lichtenstyle , a fashion and beauty blog since 2013, and has evolved her message as much as her style in the years since. From outfit #inspo and beauty tips to body positivity, she is taking the industry by storm, making it her mission to advocate for plus size women in the media as well as the mall. We sat down with Isabelle to learn more about her journey as Emerson’s local fashion expert.

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Life After Vine


By now, you’ve probably heard the news. On October 27, Vine announced that they would soon be discontinuing their mobile app. Twitter, Vine’s current owner, has evidently decided that the app is no longer economically viable. For the social-media-savvy, this announcement was shocking. Though most people were not as active on Vine as they may have been on sites like Instagram or Facebook, Vine has remained a staple in the online world for years. Since 2013, users have been using the Vine application to make and share content. Many videos posted on Vine have later become viral, leading to them being shared across multiple platforms. How many “memes” can you recall that trace their origins to a Vine?

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Is Music Therapeutic?

Are you happy? If you are, find a song that will reflect all of those positive emotions. For me, my song choice would be Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON.

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I’m Not Done Growing: My Journey Towards Body Positivity

At 20 years old I stand at 4 feet 9 inches tall, the same height I have been since approximately 12 years old. With this package came tremendous insecurity, not only about my height, but about my body in general. From the way my friends loomed over me in group pictures to my size of my jeans I am no stranger to the body image issues that plague so many today, especially teenage girls.

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How to Mourn the Death of a Major Fictional Character

A few weeks ago, I sat in a dorm common room with a few of my friends. Together, we were a bundle of nerves, as we were waiting patiently for the newest episode of The Walking Dead to start. At 9PM, the season 7 premiere would be on, and AMC had promised the premiere would be bloody. At least one main cast member was going to get the ax (or rather, the bat) by the end of the episode. And, as a longtime fan, I was beyond nervous to watch that happen.

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Registration is here!

It is November 7th and registration starts today as Election Day lingers in the distance. And luckily, Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games has something to tell you:


Yes, it has reached that time in the semester where we all have to attend academic advising or department advising meetings, figure out our pin numbers (for those of us who have them anyways), and to wake up bright and early at 7AM on our designated day! And in my case, I have a week to go until I will be able to register for my classes and as someone who surprisingly gets lucky with class registration, I want to provide you with some of my main tips.

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Get Ready With Me!

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of beauty and fashion icons on YouTube, specifically GRWM (Get Ready With Me) videos. They’re absolutely addicting and a great way to get tips, product recommendations, and general wellness inspiration! As somebody who may not be an expert but loves makeup and fashion I thought I would share with all of you my typical routine!

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A Clueless Gamer’s Introduction to “Overwatch”


Growing up, I was never interested in video games. This was probably the result of my short attention span, and my inability to stick with a game and finish it. The only games I can say I ever got hooked on were made by Nintendo and lacked a storyline; classic games such as Animal Crossing and Nintendogs. Of course, I have long been an enthusiastic fan of the Sims franchise, but that doesn’t exactly make me a gamer—while playing the Sims 3, I was more interested in the game’s build mode than anything else. Besides the basics, my knowledge about video games has always been pretty limited.

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A Blended Family’s Weekend Trip

Interestingly enough, my parents met in a Japanese hospital. One of their mutual friends got in a car accident and even though my dad had a girlfriend at the time, their connection was instant. Shortly after that moment, they became a couple and after moving around southern Japan and around the east coast of the U.S., the pair settled in my dad’s hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. And that is where I come in – as their last child and probably the one that eats the most food.

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Thinking Before We Pink

We’ve all seen them- those cute little pink ribbons on the the corner of every item you could ever possibly buy, using a guilt tactic of sorts to get consumers to purchase a product because a menial percentage of the product price will be donated to Breast Cancer research: Pinkwashing. It’s defined as a form of cause marketing that uses a range of pink ribbon logos, displayed on various products that has totally taken over the cancer research support and charity, turning Breast Cancer Awareness month into a contest of who can pretend they’re doing the most to help a cause many know so little about. The “Thinking Pink” has become trendy, but unfortunately hurts more than it helps.

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