Why We Shouldn’t #Cancel Shane Dawson

YouTuber Shane Dawson is always in the news lately, but not for the reasons he wants to be.

You’ve probably heard the name in some capacity, but for those who aren’t super familiar, Shane Dawson is a famous YouTuber best known for the revolutionary, multi-part series he posts on his channel. Other YouTubers like Jeffree Star, Jake Paul, and Tana Mongeau have all been the subject of these documentary-like series, while other series focus on more conspiracy theory-related topics.

Most recently, Shane was responsible for shedding light on the wild conspiracy theory that Chuck E Cheese’s might be recycling uneaten pieces of pizzas and giving them to other customers for consumption.

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Screw This, I’m Going to Florida

Those familiar with the television program The Office (U.S.), which is to say every single person who has so much as glanced at a Twitter feed or made passing eye contact with someone with a Netflix subscription, may be aware of a certain subplot in which a few members of our beloved gang of beleaguered paper company employees travel to one of the closest things America has to a tropical paradise: Florida. (Sigh.)

While there, one of their numbers — Stanley, given a blessed portrayal by Leslie David Baker — really goes all in on the Florida aesthetic. He wears sunglasses; he drives a convertible with the top down; he truly rocks myriad Hawaiian shirts. Generally, he seems unwilling and unable to give two sh*ts.

And, in just six weeks, I plan to become him.

My roommate and I are moving to Florida.

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Extreme Pinterest Writing Prompts: Part Two

Strap in, kids, because it’s time for the second installment of Extreme Pinterest Writing Prompts, what has now become a series here on the Atlas Blog. Previously on EPWP, I wrote 100-word creative writing blurbs based on a Pinterest writing prompt I dug up from my archives.

This time around, however, we’re raising the stakes. I’m still keeping myself self to the 100 words or less mark. This time, however, instead of me choosing my own prompts, I’ve given my friends and family the authority to choose the prompts for me. I won’t get to see what they’ve chosen for me until it comes time to write.

What you’re reading here is the raw, unedited—well, copyedited because I love me some good grammar—versions of these pieces. If you’d like to try this out for yourself, try out the prompts below, or check out some others on Pinterest. Alright, here we go…

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The Only Thing I Care About Is Harvard Square’s Milk Bar

There is a genre of online content known as “oddly satisfying videos.” These are the weird clips of disembodied hands doing strange activities that clog your discover page on any given social media platform.

Image result for site:milkbarstore.com birthday cake
birthday cake (credit: Milk Bar)

For most of these, I believe the word “oddly” applies to the word “satisfying” in that I am utterly mystified as to how any of them could be categorized as in any way soothing or pleasurable to watch. Soap cutting? Don’t care. Slime videos? Off-putting at best. Those weird, inexplicable piles that I can only describe as knockoffs of cult classic as-seen-on-TV item Moon Sand? Mostly just make me recollect the Moon Sand my mother made me throw away when I was 11.

But there is one oddly satisfying subgenre I will fully admit to enjoying, and that is the cake decorating video. I would watch armless hands frost and adorn sweet treats while cheerful instrumentals play until the end of time. Although that might just be because I like cake.

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My Startup in YouTube Again

Every weekend as a teenager, I would stay at home and watch YouTube videos hours at an end. I was never bored and there would be times that I would act if I was on camera saying, “I hope you guys liked my video so make sure you like, comment, and subscribe!” I always imagined how life would be like having a YouTube channel, going to VidCon which I still haven’t achieved yet, and doing meet and greets. I wanted my own channel so bad!

Ever since I was 14 years old, I wanted to create a YouTube channel because at the time that was one of my passions and dreams that I had at the top of my list and with a hard “No” rejection from my mom, I turned around and thought that “Well, I guess that’s it for me.” For some reason, as I went onto high school and entered college, I’ve always kept in the back on my mind that I will create my channel one day and live up my YouTube dreams.

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Five Cost-Effective Hacks to Elevate Your Style

I am certainly no Anna Wintour or Kim Kardashian. I’d rather spend my money on books and collectible Marvel superhero figures rather than expensive clothes and makeup.

Seriously. I even have a life-sized Baby Groot. It’s not as scary as it sounds, trust me.

But this isn’t a post about my unhealthy obsession with Marvel: It’s about how to take whatever money you have left over after you buy the necessities in life, and spend that money in thrifty ways to make it look like you actually didn’t choose between buying that new pair of shoes over a near-expired jar of peanut butter.

It’s no secret that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look like straight fire, but I do know the struggle of wasting money on cheap products that don’t end up working out. You keep buying $2 eyeliners hoping they’ll work out, but you still end up looking like Rocket Raccoon at the end of the day.

That’s right, two Marvel references in a row. Anyhow…

In my 19 years, I’ve gone through a whole lot of trial and error to figure out what’s the most cost-effective way to look like you spent a million bucks, without wasting a million bucks in the process. Here are my top five hacks for elevating your style in a budget-friendly way:

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Quick Tips On Making Your Dog Walking Experiences A Little Easier

My love for dogs is boundless. They are the most compassionate and beautiful domesticated creatures that mother nature has created. I absolutely do not believe that humanity deserve them. They are the most happiest animal in this dark world. Dogs are amazing and I am not just forced to say that because of my very unfortunate allergies to every other domesticated animal.

With everything said that is why I picked dog walking. Besides the fact that it was the only job that I was hired to do because finding a job in Boston is like trying to find a lucid person in the White House. Dog Walking was the first job that I landed in Boston. I love doing it because I get paid to play with these lovable and happy creatures every week.

So far my experience has been pretty good not so chaotic. I don’t have any crazy stories to tell but I do have quick tips if you are planning to join the dog walking community.

  1. Bring your own bags. Do not relay on the owner of the dog to have bags because sometimes that is not the case. You don’t want to be in a situation where you need a dog poop bag and you don’t have one. We want to keep the sidewalks and the parks clean for other people. We don’t want anyone to step into poop and you definitely don’t what that either. To avoid that just bring your own bags. You can get a package of 16 rolls for $8.

2. Always check the weather before going out on a walk. If it’s raining make sure you bring a rain jacket and weather rain boots. I don’t recommend on bring an umbrella because you should have at least one hand free when walking a dog. So definitely get a rain jacket. Also when the temperature drops you should always wear layers. Especially in a city like Boston during the winter you have to layer up. I recommend buying thermal leggings and a long sleeve shirt that you can wear underneath your jeans and sweaters to keep you warm.

3. Bring some treats or toys for the dogs. A treat or a toy can make a difference in the relationship you make with the dog you are walking. Majority of the dogs you are going to walk are strange dogs and most dogs are cautious around strange people especially if their owners aren’t around to tell them that this person is safe and friendly. So showing them a toy or giving them a treat opens the door of a new pupper to walker relationship. A 4oz bag of dog treats in CVS is only $5.

4. Most dogs that I have walked are very friendly, even if their owner aren’t home. But you should always be cautious around the dogs you are walking. You need to remember that these dogs don’t know you and that are not used to you. With every time you are walking into an apartment or house walk with cation. If you do encounter a dog who is scared and nervous then make yourself small. Sit down on the ground. Whatever you do don’t approach them or force them. If they are barking and lunging at you when you are trying to put the lash on them then just STOP! Chasing them around and yelling at them are not going to make the situation any better. Sit down on the ground, this is where the toys and treats you bought come in handy, after you are sitting down spread the toys or treats in front of you. Talk in a very soft and sweet voice until the dog approaches you. Whatever you do don’t grab them when they are sniffing the treat or toy. Just give them time to get use to you. If they are being very difficult then call the owner because your safety and the dog’s safety are important.

5. Lastly, when you became a dog walker you need to think about the money or more of the lack of money you are going to earn. Being a dog walker is a side job that can help you earn a little bit of extra cash but do not think you are going to have a stable income with this dog. Unfortunately you aren’t going to make much. Each walk can range from $9 to $21 and it all depends how long of the walk and how much does the owner tip you. Just keep in mind that you are doing this because you enjoy being surrounded by dogs not for the money.


Model For A Day, But Not Really

Photo by Alexis Metcalf

Lights, camera, action! That’s what it felt like when I had to strut through the stage this past Friday. E.B.O.N.I., Emerson College’s Black Organization with Natural Interest had its 2nd annual fashion show at the Greene Theater. Wait, let me backtrack for one minute because I didn’t just get on a stage and start walking. It was just something I did out on a whim, not knowing what I was getting myself into. This was a whole new experience for me.

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Globe, Health

Being Allergic to Animals

One of the most vivid memories I have from my adventures in preschool is how I found out I was allergic to all kinds of animals.

I had one goal in preschool and that was becoming the Bunny Keeper. Every single time my class would go to the library, that is where Lucy’s cage is held, I would never get a turn to pet her. I thought to myself if I become the Bunny Keeper I would finally be able to stick my hands into her silky grey fur. So when Mrs. Harkey called my name I felt like I just won a game show. I walked with cockness for the rest of the day. My little four year old body was filled with excitement so I skipped lunch and went straight to the library. I looked over at Mrs. Harkey’s desk, she wasn’t there. I continued with my duty. I grabbed the jar of small brown cylinders to feed Lucy and a bottle of water. My paint stained fingers fumble with the lock of the black cage. The excitement that is growing uncontrollable inside of me can’t be contained anymore and I stuck my tiny hands into that cubby bunny’s fur. It felt so silky soft. I wanted more so then I grab her and lift her up to my face, I rubbed that bunny all over my face. Oooh god I thought I was going to die of happiness. I woke up in the nurse’s office with the paramedics at my side. Apparently I went into anaphylaxis shock. I was very confused and anxiety started to spread through my body. I wanted my mommy. It felt like months went by until I heard that familiar voice. It was my mommy and herer face immediately told me that something bad happened to me.

Then next day I was taken to the my pediatrician and she explained that I couldn’t touch certain animals with certain kinds of fur. Here is the list that she gave my mommy: rabbits, bunnies, rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, wessels, chinchillas, pretty much any kind of rodent, cats, or any kind of Felidae. I’m also allergic to marsupials. I also can’t go to petting zoos because I am allergic to most of those animals too.

Growing up was hard because if I made a friend with a pet that I was allergic too I couldn’t play or sleepover over at their house. If they slept over my house my mom would make them wash their clothes and blankets before coming over. I didn’t have a lot of friends for this reason. I was the weird petless kid with weird animal allergies. Also my relationship with my sister was kinda compromised. All my sister wanted for her birthday and christmas was a hamster. Everytime we would drive by a pet store or she came home from a friend’s house and they had a hamster she would give me this glare that gave me goosebumps. My sister wasn’t too fond of my allergies. I wasn’t either so we had that incommon. She would sometimes whisper under her breath “why couldn’t you be allergic to peanut butter, I don’t like peanut butter.”

Summers were rough for me because my grandmother had this cat and the cat loved rubbing against my legs. My legs instantly would get a rash and swollen. I hated visiting my grandmother because of that cat. He would also get in my bed when I was sleep and I would wake up with swollen eyes and not able to breath. Vacationing at grandmama’s was hell. My grandmother use to live with my aunt down in Mamai, Florida before she passed away. First of all I hate Florida. I hate the whole entire state. I don’t know if it’s because I was forced to go there every single summer of my life. The cat didn’t make things easier for me either. For some reason it choose me instead of my sister who can actually pet him. The cat name is felix. This cat is still alive today and it still ruins my summer. Felix loves me I don’t know why because I don’t give up a cat person vibes. Yes I think cats are adorable and I would definitely love to cuddle one but I just physically can’t. Felix is like a frat boy after one to many beers he doesn’t take no for an answer. My sister loved Felix but felix didn’t love my sister. He would claw at her and stretch her legs up. My sister would chase the cat around the house but he would just come towards me. This made my sister really mad. Felix just loved what he can’t have.

It’s sad to think I will die without knowing how it feels to cuddle with any of those animal that are on my NO list. But I will always have those brief seconds with Lucy and her fat chubby bunny body before I passed out. She was my first and last forbidden animal that I touched. But even if I can’t cuddle with all of these adorable creatures I fill in the avoid with dogs. I just surround myself with the four legged animals and all of my sadness of not being able to love small fuzzy creature goes away. I love my two dogs and they might not be small or furry but I wouldn’t change them for any other pet. Well…maybe for Lucy.


Celebrity Couples That Haunt Me

I am an unapologetic consumer of celebrity gossip. There is nothing that delights me more than the tangled webs our stars weave before our very eyes. The joy I get from a new installment in The Cut’s gossip column, or from an Instagram stalk that makes me aware that the creative directors of Bumble are sisters, and also the daughters of musician David Foster, who is currently dating the actress/singer Katharine McPhee, who is younger than said creative directors, and that 69-year-old Foster is newly divorced from Yolanda Hadid, of Housewives/being Bella and Gigi’s mom fame.

Tangled webs, I tell you.

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